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Folegandros is a warm sunny welcome.


The unspoilt Greek island

Folegandros island, belongs to the south-western Cyclades complex. It has a maximum altitude of 455 meters, an area of 32 square kilometers and around 650 inhabitants. It is 104 nautical miles away from Piraeus port.

Folegandros is a warm sunny welcome.

Small and beautiful, it fascinates every visitor with its natural beauty, the traditional architecture which has survived throughout the years, remaining consistent to all the history and the arts developed in Cyclades, the simplicity in the local way of life, the traditions and, last but not least, the purity and the hospitality of the locals.
People who have visited Folegandros in the past, have established bonds with the island and its inhabitants and keep returning to it year after year.

The touristic development has not prevented the island from preserving the full extent of its character and physiognomy.
People who live in Folegandros continue to care about their land and enjoy life in their own way, being more than willing to share it with those who would love to join in.


Upon arrival at Karavostassis port, the island will start to amaze you.
The small picturesque bay will draw your attention and invite you to relax under the tamarisk trees or dive into its crystal clear waters.
When there is a full moon, do not miss the opportunity to watch it rising from the sea.
Then there is Chora, with its narrow paved streets where you can wander around, and Castro, the old neighborhood, built in a way that protected the old inhabitants from the pirates’ invasions.
Climb up the Panagia Rock with the old church dedicated to Virgin Mary and the panoramic view of the Aegean. Swim in secluded or more popular beaches and explore nature along the footpaths that criss-cross every corner of the island.
Last but not least, visit the Folegandros folklore museum. Situated in Ano Meria, the museum is actually a country house as it used to be in the beginning of the 20th century, with all the auxiliary spaces and outbuildings needed for an independent house economy. The whole complex of buildings is called “themonia”, a word which has its origin in the ancient greek language and means “gather”.


There are a number of beautiful beaches around the island. Some of them are accessible by car and bus; others are accessible only by boat or on foot. Some of them are sandy or secluded; others have got pebbles or tamarisk trees.

There are popular seaside taverns in some of them as well, serving fresh fish and local delicacies. No matter what your preferences are, there is one thing they have in common; crystal clear waters everywhere.


Explore the island


Taste the local delicacies in Chora, Karavostassis, Agali or Ano Meria, where traditional homemade food is served at fine taverns, while “rakomelo” awaits you afterwards, to end the day in a most delightful drinking way.


• Matsata (homemade pasta)
• Baked chickpeas
• Kalassouna (cheese pie made of souroto cheese and onions)
• Melopita (sweet pie served as a dessert made of soft mizithra cheese and honey)
• Ladenia (kind of homemade vegetarian pizza)
• Karpouzenia (a kind of sweet made of watermelon)


• Souroto (local homemade goat cheese)
• Kefalotiri (local homemade goat cheese)
• Mizithra (local homemade goat cheese)
• Caper
• Pasteli (made of honey and sesame)


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